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Living Edge Welcome NYC’s Bower Studios | News

Bower Studios are a product design studio centred around the concept of the unexpected, established by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi in 2013. The newest addition to Australian retailer Living Edge’s catalogue of authentic designer furniture and objects, Bower Studios challenges perceptions of depth, light and self through organic and sculptural shapes, focusing on mirrors.

Their latest collection, titled ‘Melt’, comprises 14 objects and furniture, each with a distinct ‘slumped’ form as if it were being pulled by a force of nature. A standout from this new range is the Melt mirrors. Draped over wall-mounted wooden dowels, the mirrors appear as though they’re crafted from soft, malleable materials instead of glass. Handmade in New York, the Melt collection aims to bring an element of surprise into the home.

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