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Vipp’s Fifth Hotel ‘Pencil Case’ Opens in Copenhagen

Newcomer Vipp Pencil Case joins the ranks of Vipp Shelter (Sweden), Vipp Loft (Denmark), Vipp Chimney House (Denmark) and Vipp Farmhouse (Denmark). Each stay forms a link in Vipp’s chain of authentic Scandinavian getaways. The new Vipp hotel occupies a corner of an old Bauhaus-inspired factory in central Copenhagen, formerly used to manufacture Danish school pencils. Still, remnants of the building’s past life remain, including the solid wood floors and factory-style windows.

Danish interior designer Julie Cloos Molsgaard led the fit-out of the Vipp Pencil Case, which includes an open kitchen and dining area, double bedroom and bathroom. Having already worked on Vipp Farmhouse, Julie was well across what needed to be done over the 1-year renovation period. The finished Pencil Case inherits the same Nordic charm as its siblings, Shelter, Loft, Chimney House and Farmhouse, with its all-natural material palette, soft accents, and eclectic art show. Vipp’s own furniture has been added to the mix, inviting guests to take a “comfortable moment” to sit and appreciate the design. “Vipp Pencil Case is not your average hotel; it elicits an artistic ambience and holds a rare quietude in the heart of the Danish capital”, Julie says.

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Vipp Farmhouse Opens in Denmark | News

The Space

Upon checking in to this authentic Danish farmhouse, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’ve stepped back in time with its whitewashed facades and thatched roofs reminiscent of the 18th century.

Commissioned by Vipp and the estate owner Ulrik Th. Jørgensen, interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard effortlessly fuses the historic charm of a 1775 former gardener’s residence with modern comfort. Interiors reveal a signature Nordic restraint, including wooden details, curious art finds and soft textiles.

Comprising three bedrooms, each with double beds, three bathrooms, and an open plan Vipp kitchen and living, the two-storey hotel is ideal for 6 guests. The ground-floor bedroom opening up to a terrace garden, endless fields and leafy forest views. 

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