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Design Covet | An Ethereal Interior Palette

Setting out to create a collection that treads more lightly on the earth, Silestone Ethereal by Cosentino sees the inception of a new production process for their hybrid mineral surface. The Silestone Ethereal Collection is composed of HybriQ+ – a blend of minerals, quartz and recycled materials – made using 99 per cent recycled water and 100 per cent renewable energy. Comprising at least 20 per cent recycled materials, the technology levels up to Cosentino’s move towards a circular economy through surfaces as durable as they are sustainable. 

Influenced by the visual qualities of marble, Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow, and Ethereal Noctis are all an interpretation of the sky, manifested through expressive veining and muted hues and textures. In this edit, we dive into the details of the Ethereal series and how each surface establishes a harmonious aesthetic in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Produced in partnership with Cosentino

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Design Covet | Curating a Restorative Natural Palette

When it comes to creating spaces for relaxation and reprieve in our homes, we look to a palette that reflects our natural world. The Laminex 2021 Collection: Living Pigments taps into this desire to feel closer to the natural environment and calmer as a result. Laminex studied Australia’s sunburnt deserts, verdant forests, and windswept beaches to curate a range inspired by the earth and its flora. In this design covet, we explore how these hues hit all the right notes when designing interiors that are equally soft and comforting, as they are expressive. 

Produced in partnership with Laminex

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