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Interview with the Directors of Caprini & Pellerin

French architects Kevin Caprini and Jerry Pellerin are the names behind Caprini & Pellerin – a multidisciplinary creative studio spanning hospitality, hotel, residential and furniture design. The pair met in boarding school and joined forces in 2008, setting out to establish an architecture firm that pays tribute to the ancient know-how of French artisanship. 

A recent example of this traditional approach is in the architects’ Villa Fidji project – a Neo-Provencal villa reinvented through materials reflective of regional French architecture. This home was also our most-liked Instagram post in 2020, landing Kevin and Jerry a firm place in our top ten international architects and designers of that year.

Speaking to Kevin and Jerry, we uncover the designer’s affinity for old-world construction and timeless materials, how the Mediterranean serves as daily inspiration and the exciting year ahead for the design studio, including an overhaul of the iconic Palm Beach Casino in Cannes.

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