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Your 2022 capsule collection: what products and materials do you have your eye on?

Firstly, the Pill lights from Draga & Aurel. They’re so, so fun! Secondly, the Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa reissued by Tacchini. Sculptural, elegant, classic. Thirdly, we’re really loving the custom colour program from Armadillo.

We’re into a terrazzo mix from Marble Bu?ro called Grotto terrazzo that really reminds me of days spent at the beach looking at beautiful pebbles in rockpools.

We’re exploring the use of cork at the moment and I’m excited to see how this neutral, tactile and sustainable material can add a layer of warmth to several of our commercial projects.

When you walk into a space, what’s the first thing you always notice?

Definitely the lighting. But subconsciously it’s the door handle you’ve just touched to enter the room that really sets the scene.

What does sustainable design mean to you in 2022?

To me, it’s about a sense of timelessness and striving to create spaces that will last. When we’re sourcing materials we look for products that have longevity but we also research how and where they are produced. We’ve also realised that sustainable design can also mean approaching projects with a sense of restraint and deciding not to re-design everything but instead making some considered, appropriate interventions to bring new life to a space.

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