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Your 2022 capsule collection: what products and materials do you have your eye on?

Throughout my career, I’ve been most interested in working with natural materials. There are some real innovations happening with wood right now especially that are very intriguing. And of course, I’ll continue using other materials like concrete, steel, glass, fabrics and leather,
always seeking to use them purposefully and in a way that takes full

advantage of their authentic, natural qualities.

When you walk into a space, what’s the first thing you always notice?

I notice my visceral, emotional, intuitive response to what that space feels like. That’s true whether the space is very large, very small, or anything in between. It’s an awareness of how the entire, 360- degree volume heightens your senses, what you can feel in the space even if you’re not looking at it.

What is sustainable design to you in 2022?

I often say architecture is the bridge connecting humans to their world. Sustainable design creates a rational response to something that is, as its basis, about consumption. It has to consider what exists already, what could be repurposed or rethought in a disciplined, efficient way. Designing sustainably means engaging a true, holistic understanding of all the implications of your decisions, not just going down a checklist.

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