The Fantales Living and Study Space by YSG Studio

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The Fantales House, designed by Sydney-based YSG Studio, explores how our communal spaces can better cater to our current lives. YSG Studio, known for their eclectic and expressive interiors, were tasked with designing a future-proofed kitchen with adjoining living and study area exclusively using Laminex laminate. 

After stepping inside the rich and soulful kitchen space, we enter the adjacent living and study zone, designed to meet the demands of how we ‘live, work and play’ in our homes. When space is at a premium, YSG Studio principal Yasmine Ghoniem says this multi-functional area proves it can work hard in different ways. 

Yasmine’s mission was to use Laminex through a new and exciting lens, bringing the same sense of playfulness that permeates the Fantales kitchen into the living and study zone. The desired effect: to create a sense of cohesiveness that wasn’t predictable or repetitive. 

We chat with Yasmine on the defining elements in her Fantales House living and study area and how her studio’s interpretation of the brief shines a light on the possibilities of Laminex laminate.

Produced in partnership with Laminex

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