The ICON | Savoy Vase | Product Design

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Architect Peter Williams, director of Williams Boag Architects, has a number of Savoy vases in his home in Parkville, Melbourne. One of his first purchases was after visiting the Savoy restaurant in Helsinki. The vase standing at approximately 290 millimetres in height, features the original smoky green glass used in the 1930s.

“I see the vase like ‘frozen liquid’,” Peter says, who also appreciates the way each one is produced. “The wooden mould tends to disintegrate after five or six vases are made.” Peter also enjoys arranging flowers in his savoy vases, suggesting shorter stems and fuller blooms. And although the Finnish wouldn’t see too many banksias, Williams often fills his vases with this Australian native. The slightly dirty or smoky green glass in his first purchase nearly 10 years ago also plays with the natural light and highlights the irregularly shaped rim. “It’s that fact that the glass varies in thickness that creates this wonderful play of light.”

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