The ICON | Series 7 Chair | Product Design

est living fritz hansen series 7 chair 01jpg

Leading architects such as Kennedy Nolan have used the Series 7 in both commercial and domestic settings. This chair has also been earmarked for a new hotel in Melbourne for one of its function spaces. “These chairs are stackable, so they’re ideal for this situation. But unlike many stackable chairs, they’re also extremely comfortable,” architect Patrick Kennedy says, a director of the practice. And given the firm’s penchant for green, it’s likely that the chairs that appear in this hotel will be green. “The beauty of these chairs is that they can be customised to work with any interior,” he adds.

Unlike some iconic chairs that are released with great fanfare but production falters in terms of quality down the track, the Series 7 continues to keep to its high standards thanks partly to the Arne Jacobsen descendants who maintain strict control. “There’s no compromise. They were designed to last, but also continue to be reimagined to suit contemporary environments,” Richard adds.

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