When A Swede Styles A Beautiful Sicilian Townhouse

When A Swede Styles A Beautiful Sicilian Townhouse

You might recognise the name Marie Olsson Nylander from her unique interior style and her TV show ‘Husdrömmar Sicilien or ‘Sicilian House Dreams’ (fans out there will be happy to hear there’s a new series starting in September). If you’re an avid reader of My Scandinavian Home and have a great memory, you might also recall this feature I wrote about her incredible house in Höganäs, Southern Sweden a few years back. Either way, her unique style and passion for one-off vintage pieces means it’s hard to forget any space she has turned her hand to. These days, Marie spends most of her time in Sicily – and her instagram feed has taken on a wonderful ‘rustic, eclectic, palazzo’ vibe as she shares daily shots from her own Sicilian home and those she encounters through her work (trust me, it’s worth a look!). I was particularly taken by her latest ‘Sicilian Autumn’ campaign in which she styled a house in Modica, Sicily using objects from her own home as well as handpicked items from the Ellos collection. Can you spot the Scandinavian influence?  

“My style is artistic, many call it eclectic but I do not like that word – it gets almost too extreme. I am dependent on texture, finding the right material is crucial to get the right feeling. Textiles and colours that go together well with brown tend to be my favourite, I love that. Brown makes everything soft, as does wood. I like drama, the unpredictable and a personal touch. I also like things which are hard to buy, but which obtained after years of life and commitment” – Marie Olsson Nylander. 


It looks lovely and cool – a perfect respite from the midday heat (I see it’s going to be 35 degrees celsius (95 Fahrenheit) there this weekend – PHEW!). 

Is this your kind of style? If so, you’ll most certainly want to hop on over to her instagram for more inspiration this weekend. And don’t forget to take the tour of her Höganäs house

Here are a few other lovely spaces abroad styled or lived-in by a Swede: 

I’ve got so many exciting things to share with you next week including the tour of my bedroom, my new yoga studio (probably sounds grander than it is – it’s just a corner of the bedroom, but it does the trick and I love it!) and potentially a cabin update (the build starts soon and I’ve started to think a lot about the interior and might just need your help!). 

Wishing you all a ‘trevlig helg’ (lovely weekend!). 


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