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The stripped-back material palette speaks to Kyra’s approach to design. A lover of natural light, the architect repeated a natural palette of limestone, oak, carpet and linen curtains throughout that she says combine to create a softness that offsets the minimal architectural forms. Cladding the bathroom in just one material – sand-blasted limestone – has led to an atmosphere that the architect says is both Brutalist and soft. “The bathrooms are completely spa-like with full-length skylights bringing diffuse, natural light from above,” she adds. 

Kyra says you can immediately feel the time and season in each room depending on the light quality. “There was so much light that we decided halfway through the build to remove all ceiling lights from the project,” Kyra says. “Using floor to ceiling full-width openings and carefully considered skylights – we enjoy a glorious variety of light throughout the day.” 

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