Genius toy storage: Best storage ideas for kids toys

IKEA Trofast storage for kids playroom

Ever stood on a rogue piece of Lego? Thought to yourself, these soft toys are definitely multiplying overnight. Or wondered how your kids have managed to accumulated so many toys?! Yeah, us too! So we decided to track down the best storage ideas for kids toys.

Because where there are kids… there’s clutter! And where there’s clutter, there are organisation solutions to be found! Time to get organised… and inspired!

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Make baskets and boxes your BFF

Sounds simple enough, but storing toys in boxes and baskets keeps things contained, neat and tidy. We know it’s not a revolutionary tip but trust us… once you join the basket life, you’ll never look back 😉 .

Another thing to keep in mind, especially if your children are still quite young, is to avoid baskets and boxes with lids. It’s just one less step for kids to remember.

Here are some of the best basket and box toy solutions we’ve seen…

Box storage shelves

Pre-kids we thought we’d only allow aesthetically pleasing toys into our home. They could be a decor piece AND educational at the same time. Fast-forward to actually having kids and the jokes on us!

So this beautiful box storage shelf using wicker baskets jumped out at us! It’s the perfect way to hide away all those glaringly bright plastic toys… keeping things pretty and practical.

Or, perhaps you love a bit of colour? These rainbow crates are fun and oh so pretty! We found a similar version to the ones shown below at Cotton On.

Plastic tubs in modular systems

You’ve probably seen the TROFAST storage system around a lot… and for good reason. It comes in many configurations, is easy for kids to use, and is budget friendly. Plus you can paint it to suit your decor or keep it au naturel like this stunning space.

IKEA Trofast storage for kids playroom
Image via Woodland Ends

Open shelf furniture

Another simple option is to go for tilted storage. Tilted bins are terrific for kids to be able to see what’s inside, meaning they won’t need to remove the basket and chuck everything on the floor (we can dream… right?!). They’re low to the ground and easy for kids to pull out exactly what they want, and put it away again.

No need to remove any baskets or boxes… it’s a chuck and go system!

Storage for sports supplies

Toys don’t just end up in the bedroom or playroom. They end up everywhere. For example, the garage can be a fabulous hoarding spot / dumping ground for all that extra ‘stuff’.

We love this one for sports and outdoor toys. Using storage tubs, drawer runners and labels, it keeps everything neat, organised — and easy to access.

Use available wall space for toy storage

Kids can sometimes drive you up the wall, so why not make good use of them while you’re there?! Using available wall space is one of the most overlooked storage ideas for kids toys. It gets things up off the floor, and if done well, can add a big dose of style to your space too.

Embrace floating shelves and rails

One of the simplest ways to use wall space is with a picture ledge shelf or rail. You can find these for a few dollars at IKEA or DIY your own. Practical for holding everything from kids art and craft supplies to displaying kids books, smaller toys and other light objects. It’s an inexpensive 5 minute home DIY project that will be useful for years to come!

Consider using a pegboard

Pegboards aren’t just for the office or shed. This versatile storage solution is also terrific for storing kids toys. As well as using brackets, you can also fix small storage tubs or spice rack shelves, turning the humble pegboard into one of the most flexible storage solutions for kids toys.

Or you can go BIG! Just take a look at the example below is that not the coolest collection of nerf blasters you’ve ever seen?!

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are always a good idea! And as Kathleen demonstrates with her Lego hack below, you can think outside the square (or should we say circle!). It’s a way of maximising storage while creating a bit of a wall art moment at the same time. Check out more Kmart hacks for kids in this article.

Do you have ten thousand tiny cars at your place?! We hear you! A simple shelf with little pockets makes the perfect car garage.

The simple magnetic strip is also a cute idea for storing cars. Fun for the kids to use, gets them up off the floor and looks great too!

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